Earlier this year, Tableau came out with a new data extract technology called Hyper. It’s really fast. The catch with Hyper is that the data you’re pulling from needs to be fairly flat.

The first data sources we built for The Raiser’s Edge (Actions, Constituents, Gifts) were not very flat. In fact, they were pretty bloated – trying to be all things to all people. This led to long refresh times and in some cases, the refresh actually timing out. Ugh. Not good!

So to take advantage of Hyper, we’ve made our data sources much lighter. We have several base data sources to start with. We then take these and mix and match them for each customer to pull just the fields needed and nothing more.

For example, the Constituent data source refresh for one customer was taking 2.5 hours - when it was working. The rest of the time it was timing out. After our revisions and working with the customer to make sure the new data source only had what they wanted, the new refresh time was 39 seconds.

Here's our new Tableau data sources for Raiser’s Edge / Raiser's Edge NXT. Like ice cream, we can mix and match multiple ones together.

  • Actions – revised!
  • Addresses – new!
  • Appeals– new!
  • Campaigns– new!
  • Constituents – revised!
  • Events– new!
  • Funds– new!
  • Gifts – revised!
  • NetCommunity– new!
  • Packages– new!
  • Proposals– new!
  • Prospects– new!
  • Soft Credits– new!
  • Solicitors– new!

Need help with using Tableau with your Blackbaud data? Give us a holler!