Data Ingredients

We've curated several templates based upon your Blackbaud data. Think of them as data ingredients. Together, we create a recipe, combining ingredients into a custom Tableau data source just for you!

We call this a Data Kitchen Session.

As a budding chef, you'll be tempted to create an impressive data spread. Fight this. Think tapas, not Thanksgiving dinner. Simple performs better. 100 simple data sources refresh faster than 10 complex ones.

You may also bring your own data ingredients! Data sources may use just your ingredients. Or a combo.

Data Kitchen Session

Anytime you want a new Tableau data source, schedule a "Data Kitchen Session" with us. These last 30-60 minutes and should include just one or two people from your staff. During the Data Kitchen Session, we don our aprons and craft a new recipe together by:

  • Selecting data tables
  • Specifying table join criteria
  • Choosing which data fields to use
  • Creating calculated fields

At the end, we publish the recipe as a new Tableau data source in your Tableau Server site. However, your work is not done quite yet.

Taste Testing

We provide you with one or two simple Tableau worksheets, showing just the data with no formatting and no visualization. You need to make sure the data are correct.

This may seem trivial, but data integrity cannot be taken for granted. And since it's your data, only you can do this. Ensure the numbers add up. Verify field names display exactly how you want.

If not, we modify and try again. And again. And continue until you approve the recipe.

Data Certification

Once you approve, we mark the Tableau data source as certified and choose a refresh schedule. Congratulations!

Now, on to the fun part - presentation!